New Castle, Delaware: +1-929-999-57-97
Pompano, Florida: +1 (561) 334-2548
Hallandale, Florida: +1954-455-1004
Palisades Park, New Jersey: +12019695952
Los Angeles, California: +1 (323) 800-0550
CDEK, an international company, has been operating in logistic services for more than 20 years.
During that time we have opened 1,900+ offices in 18 countries, more than 1,400 of those in Russia.
Our wide range of delivery methods allows us to cover the entire country.
Pick-up points are available in major cities and administrative centers as well in small towns.
Courier delivery is available to all 36 000+ locations, even those without a local office.
Your clients from Russia and EEA countries will always know the exact location of their items
Your clients will know precisely where, when, and how they will receive their order. We send delivery notifications in several ways:
By phone call
Our call center uses CDEK’s Robocall service for customers who choose courier services
By text message
Automatic notifications sent to the customer’s phone via SMS
By email
Email notifications
Via popular messengers / social media
WhatsApp, Telegram, Viber,, Facebook
Tracking available on CDEK’s official website or through the official mobile apps (available on the App Store and Google Play)